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Who are we?

HalalEat's commercial service was officially in late 2015 and  we are currently the UK's first and leading on demand halal takeaway portal. At present, the majority of our restaurant partners are in East London and our immediate commercial focus is to cover London and serve it 1.1m+ Urban Muslim Foodies.

All our restaurant partners on our website are vetted and their claim to being "Halal" are substantiated – their supply chain is vigorously checked as well as their produce on site. When you order from HalalEat, we can assure you in good faith (following our own checks) that the meat that you are eating is halal. The halal filter our website is unique to us – we don’t want to define halal for you, we know it means different things to different people; we give you the ability to filter out the restaurant services and environment which don't fit your personal perception of halal.


Our Main Features:

Spoilt for Halal Choice & Value

At we like to keep things simple, our site lets you order in a few simple step, so you can taste the "halal revolution" in 45 minutes or less!. With every order you also earn cash loyalty reward points which can used used to make tasty savings on your next meal!

Eating has never been more fun or tastier!

HalalEat like to keep things simple – only four steps stand between you and a box full of deliciousness; whether your food of choice is a thai green curry, satay beef, lamb biryani or a good ol' fish and chips – we have it covered.

You can also register with us to receive additional perks and options, such as keeping a list of your favourite restaurants on the website or adding multiple delivery addresses to your account – at HalalEat we're all about making your halal dining experience as easy and tasty as possible.

Order a meal wherever you are

We are currently developing a HalalEat app for smartphones and tablets so that you have access to 100% halal food 100% of the time.

Our customer service

We understand that not everything can be done online and sometime you want to talk to a human being and not a computer screen – and guess what?! We love to talk! At HalalEat we listen, share, engage and evolve and offer outstanding service to our customers by responding quickly and appropriately to all questions and requests (from both customers and our vendor restaurant partners) between the hours of:

10am – 11pm Monday – Sunday

0800 612 5848 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*(This is a free call number from landline, charges are applicable from mobile) – please be aware that our call centre is in Pakistan. While the person on the other end of the phone may have a different accent to you and, for example, pronounce 'zero' as 'zee-roh'– our staff in the subcontinent do have a genuine desire to help you and fulfill all of your HalalEat desires…take it all with a pinch of salt (or masala) and give them a chance!

"HALALEAT.COM" is a registered trademark (Trademark No. UK 00003026210) of Halal Cloud Ltd and is licenced to HALALEAT.COM LTD which is the operator of this site.

As an intermediary between the consumer and the restaurant, we make ordering food online accessible to all - consumers and restaurateurs. We want to be recognised by our values and customer benefits and believe that to achieve our objective of becoming the number one preferred site to order food in the UK (and soon the world - yes, we're very ambitious!), we must pass on all our orders to our vendor restaurant partners within the shortest time by exercising efficiency and reliability.

To achieve our objective we continuously develop and optimise our website. We are passionate about our business model and we never stop investing in our brand, our business and most importantly, the relationship between us and our greatest asset – our customers.



The idea behind was born in 2012 at which time our founder and CEO Abul worked for a leading online food ordering portal in the UK. "Setting up another portal in an already crowded market dominated by well funded competitors will be a pretty irrational move" he told himself – thus the idea departed (or let's say, lay dormant) in Abul's head.

After parting employment from said company and setting off on pastures anew, Abul found himself away on a business trip in Southampton. Wanting to order a halal takeaway meal to devour in the comfort of his hotel room, he logged onto his past employers website and it dawned on him that the filters to show halal eateries were random and ignited a whole host of confusion – was the vendor 100% halal? Having worked for this business in the past, Abul knew that proclaiming a restaurant as halal was just seen as a tick-box exercise by the vendor recruiters – "Why should I compromise my faith?" thought Abul – and it was from this (somewhat epiphany-like) experience that the idea of HalalEat began to awaken!

The rest of the HalalEat story is still to be written and we want you to help us write it! We come from humble beginnings having started in a little corner of East London but our aspirations are colossal.

From a night of disappointment in Southampton to the beginning of the halal taste revolution...join us!